Simply Alpacas is a Registered Pre-Export Quarantine Facility (PEQ) for the Isolation of Alpacas for Export around the world.

We have been involved in the Importing and Exporting of Alpacas for many years. Our rates and charges are very competitive and the Alpacas on our farm for Export are given the highest level of care and attention. All of our overseas clients have been extremely happy with the condition of the animals when they arrive at their final destinations. We have been complimented by the MAF (MPI) vets at the airport on the excellent condition of the Alpacas from our PEQ.

We deliver all alpacas to the airport ourselves and assist with their loading into the crates, ensuring they have plenty of feed and the water is filled ready for departure.

There is no New Zealand GST due on Alpacas for export or the costs involved. We can supply copies of all the invoices for PEQ expenses. 

Simply Alpacas and Cedar House (our Australian associates) always have alpacas for sale at very competitive prices, PLUS, if you buy from us the costs of PEQ may be free depending on the price paid per alpaca. We also offer excellent discounts if you buy more than one alpaca and have some great package deals on offer.

We can also advise and assist in the selection of quality breeding stock from other farms in New Zealand. There are many small breeders in New Zealand that may not have the high profile of some of our more well known breeders but the quality of their animals can be equal to and may be superior to others for sale with excellent prices as well. 

Alpacas for export to the EU must have been in New Zealand for 6 months prior to their departure or for longer periods for certain destinations.

For more information on EXPORTING or IMPORTING please use our contact form