Alpaca Shearing Service


Whether you have a couple of pets or a whole herd we can shear your alpacas. Currently we have 3 shearers on the team, all very experienced. Most of our work is between Auckland and Whangarei, but we have also worked in South Auckland and in the Coromandel area.

Generally shearing takes place in spring, but we are happy to work with you and the weather. We can shear weekdays and weekends and can generally book your shearing in for a day that suits you.

We use a shearing table. Trimming toenails is part of the regular shearing process, so included in the cost.

Jackie is a bit of an expert on trimming alpacas teeth and we trim carefully and smooth all cut edges, so there are no sharp edges left to cut the upper dental pad. We can also trim the fighting teeth on males using a special trimmer. Teeth trimming during shearing is just an extra $10 per trim.

Our shearers are committed to work with you to get your alpacas shorn efficiently, but with care for the fleece.

Your fleece is important to you and we take pride in removing all parts of the fleece to get you the maximum useable fleece, or the best price for all parts of the fleece if you will be selling.

Any prices quoted are plus GST

If you would like more information please use our ENQUIRY FORM or phone Jackie on 09 4118986